Virtual Friendraiser – 2021

Story Consultant, 2021

Friends of the Children Portland provides a qualified, full-time mentor to at-risk youth in the Portland area; the non-profit celebrates their work during the annual Friendraiser fundraising campaign. I was hired to direct interviews and craft a story to tell during the hour-plus virtual event. Learn about Amen – a graduating youth headed toward degrees in social justice and law; Julian – a comedian who’s mentor helped him and his teachers harness his energy for positive growth; and Zade – who’s family has appreciated FOTC’s dedication.

A Higher Road

Director of Photography, 2014-15

The men of the Clean and Sober Motorcycle Club maintain sobriety in their own way. Many have been to hell and back, but these caring, compassionate people are a positive influence in Eugene, Oregon, and consistently defy the negative stereotype sometimes associated with being in a motorcycle club.

Along the Route of the Whale

In 2013, a group of students from the University of Oregon traveled to Uruguay to document the work of the Organization for the Conservation of Cetaceans. This non-governmental group works in Uruguay to preserve the migration route of Southern Atlantic Right Whales from threats such as over-fishing, oil drilling and tourism. Here are some of the stories we gathered from those travels.

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